PtMS for Windows Frequently Asked Questions
     Is PtMS easy to operate?
     Is PtMS menu driven?
     Is PtMS a Windows based system?
     Does PtMS have a Video Based Training system?
     Does PtMS Maintain Indiividual Client Records?
     How do PtMS users edit schedules, cancel and suspend trips?
     Is PtMS a GIS Map based Scheduling system?
     Can PtMS Track Drivers Assigned to Vehicles?
     Does PtMS Geocode and Map Client and Destination addresses?
     Can Streets Automatically Calculate Trip Mileage from Geocoded Addresses?
     Can PtMS Perform Automated Routing and Scheduling?
     Does PtMS support realtime Dispatching and Scheduling?
     Are PtMS Standard Reports easy to operate?
     Can PtMS produce client bills?
     Can PtMS Track Multiple Funding Source paying for a trip?
     Does PtMS Provide Custom Report Writing Tools?
     What type of Support Services does ABS provide PtMS users?
     How long do customers have to wait for support calls to be answered?
     Does PtMS Support Medicaid Electronic Claims Invoicing?
     Does PtMS have a Mobile Data - MDT system?
     Can PtMS be integrated with Third Pary MDTs?
     Does PtMS have a Web Based Brokering and Regional Coordination module?
     Does PtMS have an automated appointment reminder system?