Database Setup

Once the SQL Express database is installed on the file server or workstation, the SQL database must be setup for the Interactive Scheduler. This setup step just connects the PtMSIS Interactive Scheduler to the PtMS for Windows SQL database

To setup the database for PtMS IS operations follow these steps:

1. Go to the Tools/Database Setup screen in PtMS IS:

2. Enter the username and password for the PtMS for Windows SQL Server Express. The username is "ptms" and the password is "abs". Enter both in lower case.

3. In the Step 2 selection box enter the name of your SQL Server Express server. This should be the computer name or server followed by a "\" then "ABS":

4. Next select the name of the database. Enter "PTMS" in the Step 3 selection box.

5. Select OK to complete the Database Setup and close the setup window.