Map Commands Summary

Here is a list of the mapping commands available on the menus and a brief description of their function. Are more detailed description of the command is included in a separate help section below.

Clear Map

This selection clears the map display of all highlights and route stops. The Route list is completely cleared. Select this command when preparing to add stops or trips to a "clean map" that does not contain any previous routing information.

Highlight Trip(s) or Stop(s)

A trip represents the pickup and dropoff address. A stop can be either the pickup or the dropoff address of a specific trip.
Highlighting a trip or stop simply attaches a label to that point(s) on the map. This option does not call the Map window to the top of the display. Popping up the map each time you selected a stop or trip record to highlight on the map would slow down mapping operations since the map would redraw and display with each highlight.

Zoom Highlighted Trip(s) or Stops(s)

Select the Zoom Highlighted Trips or Stops command to popup the Map window and resize the display to include all the highlighted points.

Route Trip(s) or Stop(s)

This command places the stop(s) in the Route list. They are appended to the end of the list. An icon is placed on the map at the stop location with a number representing the order in the Route list.

Calculate Route

This command calculates the street path route from the stops in the route list. The route is displayed on the map.