Updating a Schedule Date

All changes to vehicle schedules are saved automatically on the Interactive Scheduler screen. If the user closes the Interactive Scheduler and re-opens it, or opens another schedule date and returns to a schedule in progress, the changes will be saved and displayed on the screen.

However, schedule changes made in the Interactive Scheduler must be sent to the PtMS SQL data base so the PtMS data base schedule reflects all the changes made in the Interactive Scheduler. This update should be peformed periodically throughout the day if you are working with the scheduler regularly or when you have completed a schedule session with a specific schedule date.

Updating PtMS SQL database with the Interactive Scheduler results does not require the user to close the Interactive Scheduler, simply select the button "Update Schedule" in the top right corner of the Trips to Be Schedule window and the update is complete.

We recommend you reload the schedule date using the "Load Schedule" button after performing an update. This will insure that any new trip requests that have been added since the schedule date was last loaded are displayed on the screen.