Sequencing Schedules with the PtMS Interactive Scheduler

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The PtMSIS Interactive Scheduler supports both batch (multiple trips at one time) and interactive (one trip at a time) automated scheduling. PtMSIS will maintain its own calculation of estimated arrival and departure times when assigning trips to vehicle schedules.  Once a user has completed or finalized a schedule it is possible to have the scheduler update the schedule with these estimated times providing enhanced sequencing to the pickup and drop-off times in the schedule.  Users always have the option to edit these times manually.  However, using the PTMSIS estimated times will allow this task to be completed more rapidly.


First, the user must activate the “Sequence Schedule” feature in PtMSIS by going to the parameter screen and checking this parameter to make it active.  This task need only be completed the first time the feature is used.



Next the user selects and displays a vehicle’s schedule by clicking on the vehicle in the “Vehicle List” window.  Once the vehicle’s trips are displayed, click on the “Sequence Schedule” button to finalize the schedule pickup and drop-off time sequence.




Click the “Update Schedule” button at the top right to apply the schedule sequencing to the vehicle schedule records in the PtMS database before going to the next vehicle for sequencing. Completing this task for 20 or more vehicles should only take a few minutes.  Once completed, the user can print the driver manifests for the next day’s schedule.