Group Trips

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Group trips are a common scheduling problem for demand response paratransit transportation organizations.  They are usually defined as a trip with a common destination such as a shopping center or nutrition site that have 10 or more clients being picked up at home and transported to the common destination in one vehicle.  


Another common characteristic of group trips is a large percentage of clients typically do not go on these trips.  For example, a shopping service may be scheduled for al group based on town or community of residence in a service area with 25 or more clients scheduled for this group and typically only half of the clients being transported on any specific day.  Because of these high numbers of “cancellations” schedulers typically do not want to include these group trips as standing orders or routine trips in their PtMS scheduling table.  They find these large rosters of group trips “clutter” their schedules for demand response scheduling. 


The PtMS for Windows Group Trips feature allows schedulers to move these group trips to a special table where they can be easily setup, maintained and printed for drivers.


To access the Group Trip Services module


1.      Select “Client Records and Scheduling” option on the PtMS menu

2.      Click on the Options tab at the top

3.      Click on Group Trips



Adding a New Group Trip




Selecting Pickup Addresses and Destinations:


Group Trips is set to default pickup address as the client’s pickup address in the client record.  However, you can create a group trip with an alternate pickup address by selecting the destination address lookup icon:



Click on this same icon next to the destination and select the destination for the group trip:




Setup Times and Codes for the Group Trip:




Adding Clients to the Group Trip:




Pickup Order for a Group Trip


Group Trips can be sequenced by the scheduler or printed in alphabetic order and left to the driver for determining pickup order.




Printing a Group Trip Manifest for the Driver






Posting Group Trips to the Trip Transactions Table for Reporting


Select the Group Trip Date (the date the transportation service was delivered) and click on the Post button to post the group trip into the trip transaction table.  This will create a separate take and return trip for each client selected in the group trip.